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Crystal and Jamey One on One for Curve Magazine!

Venice show runner and star extraordinaire (She also plays that one character I sorta like on DAYS) Crystal Chappell recently gave a revealing interview to Curve for the publication's upcoming March 2010 issue. Here's a sneak peek, just in time for Venice's premiere episode tonight! I think you guys might recognize the author's name...


Otalia fans were devastated when Guiding Light’s cancellation was announced. Now you're doing Venice, a web soap featuring a gay couple played by you and Leccia. Was this inspired by Otalia fans?

It was totally inspired by them. I was completely invested in Otalia and always will be. I couldn’t quite let it go. It didn’t feel right. I had so many people writing to me telling me some of the terrible things that happened to them being gay, and also the really joyful things. So I went to my friend Kimmy [Turrisi], who is a writer, and said, “I wanna do a web soap about a gay woman. She’s out and proud of who she is, so it won’t be about her struggling with her sexuality and I want it to not just be about her, but about her community and family”. She came back to me with these amazing characters. I approached Jessie [Leccia] and she was like, “Well sure, I’ll do it!” She was just as committed to Otalia as I was. We were so inspired by this story and the hope it gave soap fans. With so many headlines about soaps dying it was nice to see this kind of passion for a couple and a story. I knew I couldn’t let it die.

Venice premieres tonight at 8 pm PST. Be sure to check out the March issue of Curve for a lengthier feature when it hits your local bookstore!

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