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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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You know Jax, it’s very hard for me to defend you when you’re being such an absolute douchenozzle! Stop summoning Dante to your office like you’re his boss. Stop telling Dante how to do his job and then berating him that he’s not doing it well enough or fast enough. Don’t threaten to pull him off the job and replace him with someone who will ‘get’ Sonny, because if there was anyone who could ‘get’ Sonny, you would have found him ages ago. Stop tormenting Olivia about the Dante/Sonny dynamic. Lord knows, we don’t need Olivia wringing her hands anymore than she already is. Also, what he told Lucky about Sonny leaving in a hurry the night Claudia was killed, did that actually happen? I vaguely remember them getting a call that Carly was ok, but I don’t remember the specifics after that.

As for my man Dante, could he be less subtle while talking to Sonny. Sonny’s a douchenozzle, but he’s not stupid. Ask him about Claudia’s death a billion times and he’ll start thinking something’s up.

I was glad Jason apologized to Spinelli for yelling at Maxie. It was really uncalled for.

I love Kate, but I wish we would see her more often than the monthly Solivia propping/almost outing Dante moments.

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Another interesting Liz/Robin conversation, although I find it hard to believe that Nikolas of all people would be the one to awaken Elizabeth’s passions. Half the time he looks bored out of his skull and she looks annoyed. And no matter how hard they try, they aren’t going to tell me that Nikolas is better than Ric was. Not gonna happen!!. I did find it interesting how absolutely desperate Liz sounded about having Lucky heal her heart again.

Poor Natalia Livingston. What did she do to the tptb that they have her begging Nikolas one day and then stripping naked and begging him the next. If I didn’t hate Rebecca so much, I’d actually feel bad for her.

Am I the only one finding Jonathan Jackson’s Lucky too wimpy?