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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers


Billy: At Crimson Lights, the Abbott bad boy runs into Cane. Billy lays into him about Cane and Lily asking Mac to be their surrogate. Later, Billy gets a visit from a person who was on the jury of Daniel's murder case who wants to sell info on Victoria's testimony! The juror fills Billy in on her testimony ,confirming the story he published about Deacon and Victoria hitting the sheets. Billy pays her and is hellbent on running the story due to his anger at Victoria for mistreating Colleen before she died.

Chloe: The fashionista has to make a tough decision.

Adam/Sharon/Nick: Sharon emails Nick an apologizes for overreacting about the plaque Phyllis had commissioned in Faith's honor. Adam stops by her place and Sharon wants to discuss the nature of their relationship. She says she wants to take things slow. When Sharon gets up to leave the room, Adam reads the email Sharon sent Nick and adds in it that "Sharon" wants Nick to stop by. Adam and Sharon get hot and heavy when Nick walks in on the two! The Newman brothers have a showdown where Nick charges Adam is only using Sharon.

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Nick leaves as Sharon chases after him. Adam tries to stop her to no avail. Sharon finally catches up to Nick, who asks her what's going on between Sharon and Adam. Nick tries to warn his ex about his baby brother, but Sharon defends her relationship with Adam. Later, when the brothers are at Newman Enterprises, Adam gets a call from Sharon and needles Nick to annoy him. Once Adam hangs up, the boys get into it once again. Adam continues to push Nick's buttons, prompting Nick to punch Adam!

Phyllis: Big Red goes to great lengths to help her son.

Katherine: The grand dame makes a startling decision about the Chancellor Industries stock