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Jillian's B&B Spoilers


Nick/Sandy/Whip: Whip shows up at Sandy's place and when Nick sees this, she has to fess up to her connection to him and what she's been hiding. She begs him not to divulge her secret to Bridget and he agrees. Later, Sandy finds out Nick told Brooke about her, but she stuns him by being glad he did so.

Whip/Taylor: Their relationship starts to gain momentum in spite of the bloopers they experienced in the beginning.

Justin: He aligns himself with Donna.

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Eric/Ridge: Father and son plot to get Forrester Creations back.

Brooke/Donna/Katie: The elder Logan girls must keep from baby sister Katie their husbands plan to obtain Forrester again. Katie finds out what her in-laws are up to and feels betrayed her sisters didn't fill her in.

Brooke: When she finds out what Eric and Ridge are up to, she starts to question whether or not she should keep Katie in the dark.

Taylor: She gives both Forrester Creations and Jackie M. her support when they start their ad competition.