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One Life to Live Spoilers

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I'm back with some fantastic One Life to Live spoilers for everyone. Don't forget The All American Rejects will perform one more time on Monday, December 7th. Without further ado, I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of December 7th.


Natalie/Mitch/John: Still grieving for Jared, Natalie goes to his office and finds an interesting surprise: Kim. Natalie freaks out over Kim being in the office, but Clint calms her down. During the converstation, he also lets her know that Mitch will not be charged with murdering Jared. Natalie returns home to sulk in peace but ends up finding the Christmas present Jared planned to give her. The present proves to be too much for Natalie to handle and she begins to spiral out of control. In the meantime, things are getting very intense in John McBain's office. John warns Mitch that if he ever hurts anyone he cares about, it will be the end of him. Soon after this, Natalie walks into the room with an agenda and a knife in hand.The sight of Mitch causes Natalie to snap and stab Mitch. Mitch is rushed to the hospital while John goes out of his way to protect Natalie from the repercussions of her act of justice. This leads Natalie to wonder why John is suddenly so protective of her. John tells her that she's been through enough suffering for one year. Will Natalie go unpunished for her attempt on Mitch's life?

Kyle/Fish/Nick/Marty: Nick somehow makes his way to the emergency room after being badly beaten by the three homophobic men. Marty happens to see Nick and he tells her he was the victim of a hate crime before he passes out. Marty immediately tells John and he springs into action. Just as things are getting hot and heavy for Kyle and Fish, John calls to inform them about Nick's situation. They put their passion on hold to rush to Nick's side. At the hospital, Kyle and Fish check on Nick's condition.  John shows up and Fish decides to go with him to find Nick's attackers while Kyle stays with Nick. Kyle vows to Nick to stay by his side during his healing process. In no time, John and Fish throw Nick's assailants in jail. Fish returns to tell Kyle the good news and sees a close moment between Kyle and Nick. How does Fish react to seeing Kyle and Nick's close moment?

Rex/Gigi/Schuyler/Rachel: Schuyler decides to confess to Rachel that he is the father of Stacy's baby. Rachel can't believe her ears when she hears the news and wonders if Schuyler will tell everyone the truth. Schuyler tells her he plans on taking the secret to the grave. Meanwhile, Rex and Gigi evaluate their relationship. Will they decide to stay together?

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Kim/Clint/Nevil/Nigel: Kim manages to worm her way closer to Clint by getting the job as his assistant. Things get even better for Kim's scheme when she eavesdrops on Nevil telling Nigel about Bo and Nora's secret relationship. Soon after this, she offers her services to Nevil in return of him telling Clint the big secret. Nevil informs her that the only person Clint will believe when it comes to Bo and Nora's indiscretion is Nigel. What will Kim do next to insure the secret is revealed?

As Ross and Danielle are escaping through the parking lot, Blair drives up and stops them. She tries to get Ross to handover Danielle but ends up becoming his hostage. Todd and Tea arrive at the parking lot just in time to see Ross take off with Danielle and Blair in her rental car. The two decide to set aside their differences to find their daugther. Tea even finds the courage to show Todd all of Danielle's childhood mementos. Later on, Ross gets rid of the rental car but not before Blair can snatch the portable GPS Device and place it in her purse. Ross steals another car and heads for the Canadian border as Blair turns the GPS on in an attempt to help the police find her. On the way, Blair slips up and Ross finds the GPS. He chunks it out the window but it is too late because Bo has traced their location. Things come to a head as Danielle, Ross, and Blair are trapped on a bridge at the Canadian Border as the police show up to apprehend them. Will Ross make it across the border with the hostages?

Sneak Peek at Next Week (December 14th):

  • Ross threatens to shoot Blair
  • Danielle is devastated
  • Viki confronts Charlie
  • Matthew asks Danielle to live at Asa's Manison