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B&B Catch Up: Togas, Internet Dating And A Surrogate With Issues

Was this Sarah Brown's face when she caught up with old B&B episodes and realized she'd signed a two-year contract? In case you too need a catch up, here's what's been going down in LA.


Desperate to get her freak on, now that the oh-so-irresistible Ridge is married, Taylor turned to internet dating. With a little encouragement from her daughter, Taylor hooked up with a “90 percent match” at LA’s only coffee joint, Insomnia. Alas, it was none other than Carl Ferret, the lab technician who discovered Brooke’s eggs had mistakenly been implanted in Taylor. Oh dear. She walked out on the Ferret and went home to lick her wounds, aided by Thomas and Steffy, her supportive/annoying kids.

Somehow, Taylor resisted a Ferreting from Carl

Steffy’s been attempting to get  freaky herself, with Bill Spencer no less, by launching herself at him and slipping him the tongue. After they met to “talk about it” at the Big Bear cabin, Steffy tried to hump him again, resulting in Bill’s sword necklace falling down the sofa.


Stephanie discovered Bill’s jewelry when it pierced her mean, old ass. Mistakenly, she thought it was Rick’s and subsequently gave it to Brooke to return, stipulating that Rick should ask before going up to Big Bear for a fumble. Brooke figured something was amiss, as Rick prefers an open shirt without a fancy necklace. Rick confirmed her suspicions. The necklace led her to confront Bill, who was forced to come clean about being at Big Bear with Steffy. Question is— did they actually get up to anything more up at the cabin? I’m thinking there could be a new flashback thrown in at some point, to reveal that the really did get jiggy with it.

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Newly-married Bill and Katie are otherwise running Forrester Creations well, it would seem, with Ridge, Steffy and Katie finally seeing eye-to-eye to create and launch the Glamour collection. Steffy thought it was the work of Ridge’s career. No comment:

I bet you'd like me to tie you up with this wouldn't you, sweet stuff? 

If I didn't have my Logan, I just might! Grrrrrrr.

Over at Jackie M, the fashion shoot for their Adam and Eve campaign was ludicrously camp. Owen in a fig leaf (presumably not available from retail outlets) and Jackie in what looked like a toga:

Buy one now in time for Christmas.

Bridget and Nick are pinning their hopes for a baby on the mysterious Sandy Sommers. Sandy’s secrets are being slowly revealed. She’s Whip’s cousin, but apparently skipped LA years ago, only to return with a new name and a determination to be a surrogate. Lying about being a yoga fanatic and a health food nut, she won Bridget and Nick’s hearts, and was promptly impregnated. Things are starting to unravel, though, as she suffered a panic attack after being questioned by Whip, and now Nick is sniffing around for answers:

"Cookies, chips, candy bars!" announced Nick, as though he'd just unmasked

a serial killer. What kind of a monster is this chick? 

He’s found out about her name change and figured that she has a problem being around men, as she almost had a meltdown when he touched her. It looks like something has happened in Sandy’s past that is driving her need to have a child and is also the reason she’s so afraid of men. Perhaps she was attacked and lost her child? Whatever happened, Sandy is so far a great addition to B&B and Brown is doing an awesome job as the vulnerable, secretive surrogate. Drippy Nick and Bridget are getting the shot in the arm they need to keep their marriage watchable.


The less said about Pam and Donna, the better. After the recent (much too short, but good quality) storyline featuring Ann coming back to LA to die, it’s unfortunate that Alley Mills is again reduced to putting on the cat ears and indulging in more tomfoolery with Donna. I like the set for The Catwalk, so there, I said something positive. I’ll leave it at that.

It's comedy, Pam, but not as we know it.

Tune in next week to find out if Bridget has designed anything other than a freakin’ toga for Jackie M’s new line.