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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I’ve hated Rebecca since the first day she walked into town with the goth look and the gum chewing and I won’t be sad to see her go. Having said that, I did get a hearty chuckle out of her showing up at Liz’ house, parking herself on the couch, between both boys and proceeding to threaten to tell them the story of the prince and the backstabbing witch. Even as a Liz fan, I found that funny.

I never understood why she would have gone back to Windemere in the first place, considering how Nicholas treated her and I figured it was just a plot point for her to witness Niz sex and that nothing would be done of it, so I loved that she was being proactive.

I also found it funny that immediately called Nikolas to warn him, but then proceeded to, apparently, fall asleep on her couch and have another nightmare, this time about custody of her kids.

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Loved Coleman shutting down Michael and telling him to stop throwing his father’s name around and the look on Mickey’s face when he knew he couldn’t play Coleman. Hated Micheal’s yapping to Lucky about how cool Luke is, but Lucky turned into an icky cop.

Speaking of Luke, how hard is it for him to spit out the words, “you’re fiance’s sleeping with your brother”. It’s six words. It shouldn’t take all day. Or a month. Also, both his brothers and his father are freaking out about something, and Lucky isn’t the tiniest bit curious at to what in tarnation it’s about? He just leaves.

I get what Jax is trying to do, but how he went about it was just silly. He practically rubs Dante’s nose into the fact that he got the goods on Sonny, but what he fails to realize is that it’s his knowledge of Michael’s involvement that actually made Sonny say what he did. Dante doesn’t know about Michael, so of course, he’s not going to get Sonny to incriminate himself.

I’m starting to get tired of the Franco story, mostly because it seems to involve everybody except, you know, James Franco.