DC Exclusive First Look: Sexy Vanessa Marcil Pics From New Web Series! (Photos)

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Check out these scorching images of General Hospital and Las Vegas alum Vanessa Marcil from the set of her new Crackle.com web serial The Bannen Way. Marcil plays Madison, a sexy, street smart thief, who proves a ready match for series protagonist Neal Bannen (Mark Gantt). Here's what the Crackle.com PR peeps have to say about Marcil's character:

"Madison is a beautiful street thief and brilliant con-artist. No one can be sure what she's up to, where she's from, or if her name is even Madison. She proves to be Bannen's match when he tries to recruit her for a job but his manipulative tactics don't work on her. Their relationship is a constant chess match that usually ends in a stalemate. She can be his greatest asset but often times turns out to be his foil."

This show looks FIYA! Take a look at the pics below.