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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I am not a fan of Jason’s, but I loved that he parked Michael’s butt down and tore a strip off of him, told him he was embarrassed by Mikey’s behaviour towards Lucky, and then made him apologize to Carly. I thought Drew Garrett did a bang up job of selling his annoyance with Jason in that scene as well. As for Carly, you reap what you sow honey. You let a mob boss and his hitman help you raise your son. Now you’re in a giant pile of dog poo regarding that boy.

I have always loved Scott Reeves, so I’m thrilled that he’s here as Steven Weber. I love that he was made chief of staff. A little discord between him and Patrick can’t be a bad thing. And I loved the Steven/Liz reunion, although I’m hoping him coming back isn’t completely about Liz and all her problems.

Does this show understand conflict of interest? I’m pretty sure once it was discovered that Nikolas was the one that caused the accident, Lucky would have been pulled off the case. Heck, Mac pulled him off of the Carly/Claudia case because he’s Carly’s cousin, but he’s going to be the one in charge of his brother.

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Rebecca’s been hit by a car and in serious condition, but the first thought she has upon waking up, is still to find Lucky and tell him about Niz. Really? I would think whether or not I could walk again would be higher up on my list of priorities.

I liked the Lulu/Dante scenes and her subduedness.

I’m kind of glad Jax erased the tape.

Line of the day:

“You’ve never had any use for cops, so why should I?”