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As the 00’s come to an end and we look forward to the 2010’s Daytime Confidential pauses to look back at the best of the past decade. Vote for your favorite soap couple, lead actor and actress of the past ten years! (Daytime Confidential)

This week at The Hub we're looking back 4 years to Jason Thompson's first air-date as Patrick Drake and the creation of Scrubs! (Scrubs Hub)

The Serial Drama girls are disappointed that the writers completely missed the mark on Rebecca Shaw. If they had written her as a total crazy from the outset, she would have been fantastic! But, no, they chose to make her both annoying and useless. As ever, thanks for nothing, GH! (Serial Drama)

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The rodent population in Genoa City has dramatically multiplied in recent days but it is becoming nearly impossible for me to decide which rat I want to keep as a pet or which one I want to see crushed in a trap. (Soap Opera Examiner)