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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: Smilin' Jack begs Nick to team up with him in breaking up Adam and Sharon. Nick declines and tells him he's not getting involved. Nick has gone through extreme lengths to stop his little brother and ex which Jack is oblivious of. He thinks Nick has washed his hands of it all.

Meanwhile, Phyllis shows up at Sharon's to throw her two cents in the mix. She tells Sharon she the only reason she's messing around with Adam is to get under Nick's skin. Sharon throws Phyllis out and ring Nick up to let him know Big Red needs to stay out of her business and to control her. Nick is mad at Phyllis sticking her nose in Sharon's love life and tries to give her the chance to fess up to what she's done. Phyllis lies about her whereabouts. Phyllis has an idea Nick spoke with Sharon and is trying to give him the opportunity to level with her but both of them lie to each other.

Phyllis: Hell hath no fury when it comes to Red and her son! Phyllis gets word the real killer of Elkins ditched a gym back in the dumpster the night of the murder. She along with Nick, Lauren, Michael, Jana, Kevin, Jack, Katherine and Murphy (WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS?!) go digging through the trash to find the bag. Eden and Daisy also assist in the search and Eden finds the bag. Inside is a ski mask and a several pieces of evidence linked to the murder.

Heather gets the bag and she and Michael decide the mask needs to have DNA analysis on it. Meanwhile Phyllis still searches through the trash and finds the cell phone used by the real killer. It contains voice mails stored on it, one from Deacon. She heads off to see Deacon and fills him in on the message where she decides to strike a deal. Phyllis tells Deacon to take Amber far away from Genoa City in exchange for her destroying the phone. In Phyllis' mind, Amber is the central reason why Daniel's in the entire mess and without her around his life will be much better.

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