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Paul Rauch "Saddened" by ATWT Cancellation

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In the latest Suds Report at TV Guide CanadaNelson Branco shares Paul Rauch's thoughts on the cancellation of As the World Turns.

“World Turns is a show I have strong feelings and a good bit of nostalgia about. It was on World Turns where I began my association with Bill Bell many years ago when I served as a supervising producer for P&G. It was a 30-minute show then and was written exclusively by Irna Phillips and Bill — without any other writers. It was just the two of them putting out all of those great shows that topped the ratings each and every week and it was the pride of Procter & Gamble and CBS. I am saddened by its cancellation and my heart goes out to Chris Goutman and his talented writers and production team and to the millions of viewers who remained loyal to the show over the years.”

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