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General Hospital:Perkie's Observations

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I love that James Franco is playing this so campy.  He's so over-the-top, weird and wacky that you can't help but go along for the ride. The food, the drinks, the red M&M because the others taste different, and Jason, looking all confused because he doesn't understand the weirdness.  It's all good for a chuckle. Loved that Franco strung him along, just to finally let him know that he saw Micheal do the deed, but I wonder if the whole story will involve Franco and Jason in Franco's studio, with no one else around?


Love Lucky catching Dominic, and quickly figuring out  he's Dante.  Loved the easy friendship between them.  Loved them playing Lulu when she showed up.  More of that please!

I find it funny Rebecca would think Lucky would be interested.  "I won't tell your secret, if I get a shot at Lucky".  Well, doesn't he have a say in that?  Loved that Nikolas ran all the way to Liz to tell her, clearly thinking that this was the best plan ever, only to have Elizabeth annoyed that Rebecca's making designs on Lucky. Having said that, it's a bit hypocritical of Liz to be pissed at Rebecca for wanting to sleep with Lucky when Liz is sleeping with Nikolas, doncha think?

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Loved that Spinelli overheard Maxie and Sam discussing the Franco issue.  I was hoping they would go back to that story before the end of the hour.

Hate that Sonny's trying to manipulate Olivia and I'll be really, REALLY pissed if come Monday Olivia is sitting there, in the suite, eating dinner with Sonny, rather than dumping something on his head and leaving.

Loved Diane telling Sonny he's a douche.  We should have one of those scenes at least once a week!