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Steve Burton Says Soaps "Must Band Together"

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General Hospitalstar Steve Burton chatted with On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairman on the recent cancellation of As The World Turns. The actor gave his thoughts on the status of soaps and how the genre can stay afloat.


As the World Turns was cancelled this week.  I know GH has also stumbled through the ratings recently.  What are your thoughts on this sad week in the industry and what this means moving forward for all of us involved and who watch daytime soaps?


It’s quite the cycle soaps are going through now.  You obviously have been in the soap arena for a long time, Michael, so you know what’s going on. The writing was on the wall, so to speak, ten years ago.  How much longer do soaps have?  And now soaps are dropping off.  I am not concerned yet about General Hospital because it has such a history.  The numbers are good and I think people start panicking that we only have five seconds left or we are off the air.  The thing of this is, it’s a sad day…. someone is losing a job, let’s be real.  And in this economy that sucks!  And as a genre as a whole, it’s not a good sign for soaps to be cancelled.  So this helps us as writers, producers, actors and directors in this arena, to band together and try to make the best product we can make. That’s all that we can do.

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