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VOTE: Supporting Soap Actor of the Decade


As the 00’s come to an end and we look forward to the 2010’s Daytime Confidential pauses to look back at the best of the past decade. In the coming days Daytime Confidential readers will be able to vote for their favorite soap actors and characters in a variety of categories.

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Voting ends December 24 at midnight and readers' votes in all the categories will be discussed in a “Best of the Decade” podcast to air the week of January 28.

While lead actors and actresses may have all the limelight it wouldn’t be possible without the supporting actors and actresses they share their scenes with. Would As the World Turns’ Katie (Terri Colombino) be as enjoyable without the talented Trent Dawson as Katie’s best friend Henry Coleman? Robin Strasser’s Dorian Lord is at her best when Tuc Watkins returns as David Vickers and brings out her humanity. Jacob Young’s JR Chandler battles his father– All My Children’s silver fox David Canary– Adam Chandler and together they give soap fans one of daytime’s best father/son dynamics.

Open voting has closed.

Who is the best supporting actor of the decade?