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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Taylor: As the holidays approach, the good doctor is rocked by Phoebe's absence.

Donna: She declines to invite Bill for the holidays. Katie is conflicted about who to spend Christmas with.

Steffy: She pitches a new campaign to Bill for the new Forrester Creation collection. He's not moved by her idea.

Nick: He, along with Jackie, throw a Christmas bash and send invites to the Jackie M. crew.

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Brooke: She's struggles with uniting with Ridge in his quest to con Bill and Katie out of control of Forrester Creations.

Sandy: She's hired on at Jackie M in a tough job title.

Bridget: She's extremely thankful for Sandy giving her a child.

Stephanie: She goes down memory lane and thinks of Sally. Stephanie comes to the realization about her current situation and is very happy with her life.

Eric: He talks to Ridge and Brooke about his plans for Forrester Creations and realizes everything starting to fall into place.

Watch for a family to be torn apart when business takes a hit.