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One Life to Live Spoilers

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It's that time again, folks. I have returned with some fabulous One Life to Live spoilers. A death, an affair revealed, and a break up shake things up in Llanview this week. So sit back and enjoy all the juicy spoilers for the week of December 14th.


Kim/Clint/Bo/Nora: Kim's plan works perfectly when Nevil pretending to be Nigel tells Clint about Bo and Nora's affair. Clint is furious with Nora and vows to have his revenge once she returns from Seattle. Shortly after this, Kim gets word that Clint knows the truth about the affair and she pays him a visit. Somehow, Kim manages to get Clint into the bedroom of the mansion. However, before anything can happen Nora shows up. Nora wonders why Kim is in her bedroom, but soon realizes that Clint knows the truth and her and Bo. Clint is absolutely livid with Nora and rips her a new one. A crushed Nora tries to apologize to Clint, but he isn't having it. Meanwhile, Nigel lets Kim know he has her number when it comes to Clint. Will Bo and Nora's exposed affair begin the destruction of The Buchanan family?

Viki/Charlie/Jessica: Charlies continues his struggle with the bottle this week. When Jessica happens upon Charlie drinking, he begs her not to tell her mother about what she just witnessed. Jessica promises not to tell Viki, but feels uneasy about it. Later on, Viki finds an empty liquor bottle in bushes at Llanfair and begins to worry about Charlie's sobriety. She confronts him with her discovery and Charlie swears he has not touched a drop of alcohol. Jessica overhears the entire conversation and feels more torn than ever. Will Jessica break her promise and tell Viki the truth?

Rex/Gigi/Schuyler/Stacy: Rex and Gigi decide to take a break from their relationship for a while. Rex wants Gigi to figure out what to do with her feelings for Schuyler before they can grow more as a couple. Gigi moves out of the carriage house while Rex continues to live there with Shane. Gigi needs a little advice on Schuyler, so she goes to Viki for help. Viki ends up offering Gigi a place to stay while she makes her mind up about Schuyler. Meanwhile, Stacy pretends to feel guilty about Rex's situation with Gigi. Will Gigi choose to act on her feelings for Schuyler?

John/Mitch/Natalie/Brody: John continues to jump through hoops to cover Natalie's crime. However, Brody doesn't believe for one second that Mitch stabbed himself. He tells John that he knows he's lying to protect Natalie ,who is the real culprit. John manages to get Brody off the trail for the moment, but knows he has to think of something to keep him off it permanently. John manipulates Mitch's fingerprints on the letter opener but it may all be in vain. Later on, Mitch wakes up and sees John in his hospital room. He tells John he remembers that Natalie was the one who stabbed him. John informs Mitch that no one will believe him. Brody comes in to take Mitch's statement on the stabbing, and he declares that John stabbed him. John can't believe his ears and wants to have a talk with Mitch. Mitch tells John that he will keep quiet about Natalie if John takes the fall for her. Naturally, John has too much pride for that and rejects Mitch's deal. How far will John go to protect his former flame Natalie?

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Dorian/Madam Delphina/Amelia: Starr, Cole, Markko, and Langston are snooping around in Dorian and Amelia's business and discover that Amelia and Madame Delphina were once a couple. They also find out their relationship ended on a bad note. The four of them decide to play matchmaker for the former couple and invite Madame Delphina to La Boulaie. The magic is still there for the couple and even Dorian can see this. Dorian tells Amelia it is okay if she wants to be with Madame Delphna. As Madame Delphina and Amelia leave, Delphina gets a message from beyond for Dorian. She warns her there is danger in the near future for the Cramer family. A little later, Mitch promises Dorian that he will bring a world of pain to her "girls" if she refuses his demands.

Kyle/Fish/Nick: Nick plays to Kyle's emotions when he lies and tells him he has no one to take care of him. Will Kyle eventually see through Nick's lie?

Todd/Tea/Blair/Ross/Danielle: The showdown on the bridge gets extreme when Ross threatens to shoot Blair if he and Danielle can't escape to Canada. Todd offers to take Blair's place if Ross lets Danielle go. Ross refuses and Todd takes action. Todd quickly reaches for the gun and Blair manages to slip away from Ross. Ross grabs Danielle and takes off to the side of the bridge with Todd in quick pursuit. Todd grabs Danielle right before Ross goes over the side of the bridge and plummets to his death. Danielle is traumatized by what has just occurred and Todd comforts her. Once Danielle gets over the initial shock of Ross' death, she tears into Todd and Tea, blaming them for the whole ordeal. Danielle's rage upsets Tea, but she still demands that her daughter return to Llanview with her. Everyone returns home, but Danielle refuses to stay with Tea. Matthew steps in and offers her a place to stay at the Buchanan mansion. Tea reluctantly agrees to let Danielle live with Matthew. While Danielle prepares to go to the Buchanans, Todd tells Tea he doesn't think Danielle is ready to find out who her real father is. Tea respects Todd's decision, but tells him to give Danielle some time and she will eventually come around. Before Danielle leaves with Matthew. she unleashes her fury on Tea and Todd one more time. Shortly after this, an absolutely heart-broken Tea breaks down while looking at old photos of Danielle. Meanwhile, Todd has to answer to Starr when she finds a photo of Danielle and wonders who she is. Todd tells Starr about the battle on the bridge, but leaves out the part about Danielle being her sister. Lastly, before the week is out Blair and Tea call a truce. How long will it be before Danielle learns she is a Manning?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (December 21st):

  • Mitch has a plan for Stacy
  • Mitch delivers a present to Dorian
  • Nick ups his plan to get between Kyle and Fish
  • Clint unleashes his rage
  • Tea begs Todd not to tell Danielle the truth