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Tatyana Ali Gives the DIRT on Buppies' Mocha Socialite Quinci!

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Y'all I am literally going through Buppieswithdrawals over here! While I can see promise in the other recent crop of web soaps like Venice andGothamBuppies is my new shiz! It's not quite Imaginary Bitches good, but Buppies is the first scripted web product with a continuing storyline since the aforementioned Eden Riegel/Andrew Miller vehicle that has really inspired the fanboy in me.

It's sooooo nice  to see portrayals of smart, funny, complicated, successful, real African-Americans again. Lord knows the only daytime soap that's even attempting that is One Life to Live. Yeah I'm looking at you The Young and the Restless. You have this striking, talented, popular young black actress on your canvas, and the only time you trot her out is on the 1st and the 15th?

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If TPTB at Y&R were smart they would sign Ali to a contract, put her in a juicy triangle with Billy Miller (Billy) and Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), and cross promote Y&R with Buppies. Roxanne could go to work at Restless Style (Hey Billy, chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands!). Devon (The Artist Formerly Known as Bryton McClure) and Chloe had hella chemistry when Hendrickson first joined Y&R. What if a jealous Devon teams up with Chloe to bust up what Billy and Roxanne get jumping off? Here's another thought, what if Stephanie (Vivica A. Fox's character who used to date Malcolm on Y&R) turned out to be turned out to be Roxanne's mother? Fox has already intimated she would return to the soap.  Sigh, do I have to fly out there to LA to write it myself? Cause I will.

I'm sure would be too glad to let Bell-Phillip Productions buy an ad  to run on the Buppies webpage promoting Y&R and The Bold and the Beautiful. Hello, COVER GIRL  is sponsoring Ali's show! While we're all talking about if the web is viable or not venue for the future of soaps, Ali is quietly proving it is.  

Okay, enough Monday Morning television programming, let's talk some more about my Buppies!  I am so anxious to find out how black Hollywood heiress Quinci Allen (Tatyana Ali) handles her ex, football star Derek (Brooklyn McLinn),  bringing some trick to her B-day party—in Q's designer kicks no less—not to mention what jumps off between confused sports agent Eliot (Preston Davis) and football stud Truth (Damien Wigfall) (Can you say, Chocolate Kish?), that I keep going over to Buppies' official page at BET, knowing doggone well the new episode doesn't premiere until Tuesday at 3 pm PST! 

I guess until then I will have to settle for the above video interview where the beautiful Ms. Ali tells about Quinci's back story.  BET  needs to greenlight this as a weekly, 30-minute series, paired with The Game STAT! Okay, enough raving, go see for yourselves. Check out the first three episodes of Buppies at