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B&B's Brad Bell Sounds off on ATWT Cancellation and the Future of Bell Soaps

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The Bold and the Beautiful's showrunner and head writer Brad Bell spoke with TV Guide Magazine in the wake of As The World Turns' cancellation. Bell gave his opinions on the recent comments CBS head honcho Les Moonves made in regards to his networks daytime dramas.

So there’s no cause for concern? I hate to be paranoid here but a lot of us were creeped out by Moonves’ cold, cavalier attitude toward soaps in that CNBC interview he gave on the day of the cancellation. He’s just not showing the love.

I think we’re now down to the six soaps that will survive. For me there was no surprise that ATWT was cancelled. Their business model wasn’t working. I had [prior to the cancellation] spoken to people at P&G and they were very free with the information that they were losing money and they wanted to either find a way to make ATWT profitable or get out of the game. So they had to pull the plug and CBS had to pull the plug.

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Bell also let his stance be known on where his family's business will be when the dusts settles.

So there’s still a silver lining in all this rotten news?

If we’re to look at the positive, there are now hundreds of channels and soaps are still the top-rated shows in their timeslots. I look at the ratings for Mad Men—a show that has everybody talking—and they’re only pulling in a million viewers. You’ve got to be kidding me! Talk shows and game shows are so inexpensive to produce but we’re determined to challenge them and stay competitive with them. It’s not over yet for the Bell family. We plan to be in this business for many years to come.

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