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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations—Franco Meets The Jackal!

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Another good episode with Franco and his weirdness. A little more dark and less fun than Friday’s episode though. But anything that confuses Jason more than he already is, isn’t all that bad. I’m not sure what Spinelli was thinking in going over there to confront Franco. Although he did give me the line of the day..


Franco: “Who is this Jackal?”

Spinelli: "He is I..."

Franco : " Me "

Spin: "You too ?"

Franco: "No He is me, Not I.. you"

Spin: "Me ?"

Franco: "You What?"

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I also laughed at Franco’s conversation with accent girl over the phone.

Girl: “Why didn’t you answer your phone?”

Franco: “It died of a gunshot wound. The toaster starting to piss me off”

Nik and Liz continue to confuse me. Now all of a sudden, Nik’s in love with Elizabeth? Than somehow, Tyler Christopher needs to convey that to me in ways other than one stupid little tear running down his face when she tells him she’s not interested. Because I don’t believe it.

Olivia and Sonny also annoyed. She should have told him to stop stalking her and walked out of the room. Instead, she proceeds to humor him by telling him why she loves Johnny, which he promptly makes fun of, and then declares himself just like Johnny. Sure Sonny. Just like Johnny, except he’s way younger, way sexier, way smarter, way cuter and so on. Then he gets all teary eyed and leaves and she looks all shocked that he left. I swear, if she chases after him tomorrow, I will have to hurt someone.

Still loving the Lucky/Dante collaboration. Loved Mac finding out but warning them of the ears and eyes that Sonny supposedly has at the PCPD. Gee Mac, maybe you should clean house. Also, interesting twist to have Lucky and Dante meet at Lulu’s.

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