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Dear Camille St. Cyr, One of THESE Men Should be Y&R's Malcolm Winters, NOT Darius McCrary!

Now that The Young and the Restless has had the good sense to recast the role of Tucker with daytime superstar Stephen Nichols (Days of Our Lives, General Hospital)— someone Jill, Nikki or Ashley might actually want to let raid their, um, "corporations"— let's see if we can get two vastly improved recasts for the price of one?

While Y&R is ahead, why not go ahead and re-recast the role of Malcolm before Darius McCrary even has a chance to air? Look, I am just trying to help a brutha out. Bless his heart,  there is no way in high hell I, nor anyone else who adored Shemar Moore as Malcolm is going to accept this... this.... this... LUNACY.  I shudder to think what the reaction will be online when he debuts.

Y&R's casting director Camille St. Cyr out to be flat ought ashamed of herself that of all the dudes who auditioned for this iconic role, she went with McCrary, and I am just gonna leave it at that. Some say "give him a chance." No. I am not gonna give him a chance. He is not Malcolm. He looks nothing like Malcolm. He will never be Malcolm.

Maria and Paul, y'all owe us this one. Do you have any idea how much hell we have caught from some of our readers for supporting y'all, when many felt this regime was taking the show back into the crapper? We supported you, because we didn't believe that to be true—at the time— but in recent months you all have begun to live down to your expectations—snobbily casting a bunch of primetime actors like William Russ and Clementine "I Know My Name"Ford,who have tanked in their roles, allowing cartoonish, over-the-top plot driven stories about blind, bisexual sociopaths  to take center stage, and now THIS.


Darius McCrary is not Malcolm Winters, and y'all damn well know it. Would y'all cast Alan Thicke as Victor Newman? Of course not. So why does Malcolm get such b.s. treatment? I don't remember 800,000 viewers leaving when Eric Braeden had his little hissy fit PR tour, but they DOGGONE sure left when Moore did, and just think, Moore managed to become that popular without all those Soap Opera Digest covers TGVN is so proud of!

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If Camille is too busy watching TGIF sitcoms on her DVD player at the CBS studios to do her job, we will do it for her. Film star Boris Kodjoe or Days of Our Lives alum Rhasaan Orange (ex-TEK), both seen above, would either one be ideal recasts for the role Moore's abs made famous. Hell, even Marcus 'Drop It Like It's Hot" Patrick would have made better sense!

We'e not saying Moore was some irreplaceable, Shakespearian thespian in the role of Malcolm (although he definitely has grown as an actor over the years), but Moore did provide Y&R with a healthy dose of charisma and yes, sex appeal, which I will say it— McCrary lacks.

 Basically all the character of Malcolm is required to do is look good, possess an eight pack and grin— a lot— while sexing and snapping pictures of the good women of Genoa City. Occasionally, the job also requires Malcolm to be supportive of his niece/daughter Lily (Christel Khalil) and to glower menacingly at his big brother Neil (Kristoff St. John). Simple. 

 Fix this Y&R. I am telling you now. Fix this mess or you will be blasted— not just by DC— but by by every blog and message board out there not afraid to tell the truth and shame the executives, especially the urban blogs! Don't say we didn't try to help y'all out.  Sigh, now, y'all see why we're so excited about Buppies?   

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