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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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In contrast to yesterday's episode, I liked pretty much everything about today's.

I'm beginning to like the Lisa/Robin friendship (so long as it remains a friendship and doesn't turn into Lisa trying to steal Patrick).

I liked that Steven showed up, had a chat with Robin and made up with Patrick.  That quad was cute to watch and I loved the lovey dovey-ness of Scrubs.

I liked the CarJax family/tree decorating scenes.  I loved that Micheal showed up but felt slightly out of place. Drew Garret played that very well.   I love the father/son feel of Jax and Morgan as they go off together.

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I liked that Lucky tried to get something out of Micheal before Sonny showed up, but I wasn't thrilled with him showing up at the CarJax house to try and convince Carly of something. 

I liked that Lucky spoke with Dante and turned him towards Micheal's direction and that Dante was working him for information. 

I liked that my Davis girls finally showed up, in family mode, baking cookies and being sweet to each other.  Ethan showing up was a bit far fetched and more of a plot point, but since it annoyed the crap out of Keifer and made him leave, it's all good.  I loved that Diane stopped Kristina from going after the sourpuss and told her to have more self respect.  Loved that Mac showed up and Molly being all huggy with him.

Despite my hate for Sonny, I loved the Sonny/Luke scene.  It was well played by both and I loved that Luke told Sonny his hands were tied and that if something happened to Lucky, there would be hell to pay.

My only downside to the episode, was the Spixie stuff.  Her begging him to take a lover just goes to show that those two really don't belong together, as anything but good friends.