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Check Out Episode Two of Nick Rodriguez's Web Soap, Then We Got Help!

The second installment ofThen We Got Help!, entitled "Like a Rabbit out of a Hat" is now available for your viewing pleasure. In this episode, the couples begin to dig a bit deeper into the issues that resulted in them participating in Emily's (brilliant series creator Julie Ann Emery) therapy group for people who can't afford therapists. The episode left me raw, as the real issues tackled hit close to home, as all good television should. Well, that is of course unless you're watching CSI, and find yourself identifying with some serial killer of the week who likes to take off people's finger nails and eat them, but you get what I am saying!

Fans of One Life to Live's Nick Rodriguez will really want to check out this chapter of Then We Got Help! in which Daniel, the much younger, health conscious half of the group's only gay couple confronts his partner Eric (Broadway's Blake Hammond in a scene stealing role) about his health issues.  Another stand out was Kyra Sedgwick-lookalike Jessica Rush, who plays the TV shrink-quoting Jenny in the serial. Check out the look on Kenny's (co-executive producer and real life husband of Emery, Kevin Early) face when his wife reveals...Wait, you didn't really think I was gonna telll you what she reveals, did you? You'll have to watch sillies! Then We Got Help! is a keeper.

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