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DC #497: Daytime Confidential Celebrates 500th Episode With Ron Carlivati

In honor of the Daytime Confidential podcast's 500th episode (okay, this is actually 497 but who's counting?), Luke and Jamey chat with One Live to Live head writer extraordinaire, Ron Carlivati. In his first podcast interview, the George Washington University graduate, who left a career in law to pursue his dreams of writing for his favorite soap opera, shares with Luke and Jamey how his then-employer, former attorney David Baldacci selling his first novel, Absolute Power, inspired Carlivati to move to New York and follow his true passion.


Carlivati talks in depth about what it was like to go from being Dorian (Robin Strasser) and Viki's (Erika Slezak) biggest fan, to creating their storylines day in and day out. He shares what it meant to him to see the first confrontation he ever penned for the legendary duo air on television.

Carlivati also reveals why it was so important for him to restore Llanview's rich history and how he managed to return the soap opera to the diverse landscape creator Agnes Nixon first envisioned over four decades ago.

The talented scribe also explains in great deal why he felt the payoff of having Todd Manning (Trevor St. John) romance his amnesiac, one-time rape victim Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell) made the controversial story worth it in the end. He also shared how it made him feel to see Haskell win her second Emmy earlier this year for the storyline's climax, and explains why he feels two smart, flawed women like Tea Delgado (Florencia Lozano) and Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) are drawn to Todd.

Carlivati also talks about his love for great sitcoms growing up and how that influences his storytelling. He then provides Daytime Confidential listeners with a sneak peek of what's next for his soap's top couples like Bo and Nora, Rex and Gigi and of course Kish. Will daytime's most realistically-drawn gay couple get a real love scene? You'll have to listen to this episode to find out. It's an interview you don't wanna miss!

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