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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Jack/Emily: Old Smilin' Jack asks the good doctor to celebrate Christmas with him. Little does she know, Jack has something special planned for her since the holidays aren't a great time for Emily. The duo have a great time together when Emily declares she's in love with Jack! The revelation is one he welcomes since he's been burned this past year with Sharon and the entire Patty situation. Meanwhile Patty is at the hospital making a special Christmas ornament for Jack, an angel with his face on it!

Nick/Phyllis: Nick starts to grill Mrs. Newman about her plan to set up Deacon. Unfortunately for him, Phyllis starts to grill him about Adam and Sharon's relationship. The two are at a stand off. Phyllis tells her husband she knows it bothers him seeing Sharon with Adam and wants him to fess up.

Nick finally breaks down and tells her he caught his baby brother and ex-wife in bed together. Not letting a moment pass, Phyllis rubs it in and Nick is taken aback by the change in her. Later, he tells Phyllis, while shopping for Christmas trees, he's going to give her the best holiday ever. Nick swings by Sharon's and the two declare a cease fire, while Phyllis talks to Michael about her problems with Nick.

Nikki: Her family's ecstatic about her return for Christmas.

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