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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I loved Liz' trip down memory lane.  The retelling of the rape story really made me tear up because I remembered watching that storyline as it unfolded and it was pretty powerful stuff.  I also loved seeing the "wedding" flashbacks, mostly because it really shows that JJ has gotten older, even if we don't think he has.  What bothered me was that she was telling the story to back Rebecca off.  Also, every time she turned to Lucky, her eyes beamed and she seemed to truly love him, and should have gotten a thunderbolt about how Nikolas is not the man for her, even if he manages to get her rocks off.  And Nikolas looked angry and jealous that she was lavishing so much attention on Lucky.  I don't think he loves Liz as much as he wants what Lucky has.

Show of hands, when Franco showed up with the bag, who else thought he'd pull Claudia's head out of it?!!  Am I the only one that thinks it's funny that Claudia's rotting body could be just about anywhere in that town?  Sort of like a Weekend at Bernie's kind of thing!

Loved the Kristina/Sonny scenes and just how uncomfortable she is around him.  I loved that he was all, "I wouldn't have said those things to Claudia if I knew you were there."  And she was all, "you shouldn't have said them no matter who was there". 

I hate that now that Sonny wants something from Jax, he's playing the 'be a good husband to Carly and parent to the boys' card.  Please, you don't care about the CarJax marriage.

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So Ronnie and Franco knew each other back in the day and Franco took the fall for something Ronnie did?  Is that what I understood from that conversation?  Also, was that Ronnie that Lulu brought into the ER at the end, because that whole scene was rather confusing.

Good of Lulu to try to try to get Maxie to see reason.  Nice Carly/Lulu/Josslyn scene even though it was rather heavy handed with the Jax is lying anvils.

Interesting to have Jason and Dante working together.  I have to laugh that Jason's super spidey sense hasn't kicked in where Dante is concerned.