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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Bill: He takes a peek at the new Forrester collection and ponders whether to nix it or go through with it.

Katie: She starts to wonder if her sisters are plotting against her when she see's Eric's work.

Forrester Creations: They have create a new line called, "Dare," and pitch Brooke and Donna to model the gowns.

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The Forresters: Things are starting to look up for the gang. Viewers are left wondering if they've finally figured out a way to outsmart Dollar Bill.

Nick: He nudges Sandy to seek out counselling at a rape crisis center. Nick's good intentions aren't taken well by Sandy. Later, he contacts Lt. Baker about starting an investigation into her case and Sandy is touched by his kindness.

Sandy: She gets upset with her case not being top priority with the police. Sandy confronts Lt. Baker about why her case's getting back burned and insists he works harder on it. Baker tells Sandy he will work diligently on trying to solve her case and gets news for her leaving the woman shocked.