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One Life to Live Spoilers

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Welcome to a Christmas edition of my One Life to Live spoilers. Be sure to remember that it is a short week in Llanview with the show only airing live three days. So grab your eggnog and gingerbread cookies and get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of December 21st.


Dorian/Mitch/Stacy: Mitch's threats to Dorian only get worse this week. He tells the Diva that if she does not fire Bo Buchanan from his position as Police Commissioner immediately, her girls will know the true meaning of pain. Mitch also informs Dorian that Bo's replacement will be of his(Mitch's) choosing. Dorian fights Mitch off as long as she can but eventually gives the man what he wants.

Later on, Mitch gets a visit from Stacy. Naturally, Mitch knows what she wants and promises he can give it to her if she does something for him in return. However, what Mitch wants from Stacy will change her entire life. Will Stacy agree to Mitch's deal?

Clint/Bo/Nora/Kim: It's dire times for Bo and Nora when they find themselves staring down the barrel of Clint's shotgun. Don't worry Bo and Nora fans, Clint doesn't shoot the lovers but he does coldly tell Bo they aren't brothers anymore. Soon after, Kim starts to work on Clint. She invites him to come to Rex's loft with her. He accepts but tells her he sees right through her fake concern for him. Renee and Nigel see it too and begin to devise a plan to keep Kim away from Clint.  On the other side of town, Bo and Nora feel terrible for what happened with Clint but know that their love is too strong to be contained. The couple get a true Christmas Miracle when Matthew takes his first steps on Christmas day. Is Clint falling for Kim's advances?

These two hit the sheets!

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Gigi/Schuyler/Rex/Natalie: Noelle helps Gigi move into the Viki's cabin. Later on, Schuyler visits Gigi and she finally admits she has feelings for him. The two start to get close but Rex shows up before anything can happen. Rex is upset at the sight of Schuyler and Gigi especially since he went there to make things right with Gigi like Natalie told him to.

Speaking of Natalie and Rex, the two have a serious talk this week. Natalie admits to Rex that she stabbed Mitch. Rex can't believe Natalie would do such a thing but has her back. A little later, Natalie's dreams of being pregnant with Jared's child are shattered.

Nick/Kyle/Fish/Roxy: Roxy throws Schuyler out on his ear from the Angel Square Hotel to give his room to Nick. Nick gladly takes the room because it puts him one step close to Kyle and Fish. His plan to break them up has just begun. Will Kyle and Fish catch on to what Nick is doing?

Tea pleads with Todd not to tell Danielle who her real father is just yet. Todd agrees to give it some time but not too much. Soon after, Todd asks Tea to spend Christmas with him, Sam, and Jack. The four of them have a wonderful Christmas together.

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (December 28th) :

  • Blair discovers that Todd is still in love with Tea
  • Danielle wants revenge for Ross
  • Rex and Mitch face off
  • Mitch continues to play Dorian
  • Dorian and Clint team up to take down Bo and Nora
  • Kyle and Fish spend New Year's Eve together