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Wishful Storytelling: What if OLTL's Kim Was the Daughter of Karen Wolek and Steve Piermont?

Okay, so I am hyped up on caffeine and stir crazy due the cold weather, so I decided to read up on the backstory of the legendary Karen Wolek— the One Life to Live role that put Who's The Boss? and Ugly Betty star Judith Light on the map— in an attempt to dream up a storyline that could entice Ms. Light to pull a Nathan Fillion and do a guest spot on daytime's best sudser. 


As I got to the end of the Wikipedia article where it talked about Karen going into the Witness Protection Program with government agent Steve Piermont it hit me, what if Kim (breakout star Amanda Setton) turned out to be Karen's daughter?!

Maybe Karen and Steve changed their surname to Andrews (Kimberly's last name on the soap) in order to hide from the mobster baddies who were after Steve all those years ago? They could easily have had a child during the years Karen's been absent from Llanview, plus we don't know much about Kim's origins at this point.

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 How would Karen— the hooker with the heart of gold— react to learning her own daughter was a gold digging, ex-stripper, who has manipulated herself into the bed of her old pal Viki's (Erika Slezak) ex-husband Clint (Jerry VerDorn)? 

Imagine the explosive scenes with Kim and Karen, as the former learns her mother is being just a wee bit hypocritical, thanks to  Dorian (Robin Strasser) orchestrating it for a video of Karen's infamous courtroom revelation that she was a not-so-happy hooker to be shown at Clint and Kim's engagement party? Okay, carry on! 

( Now remember, this is simply one of my WISHFUL STORYLINES, aka soapy  BRAIN FARTS and  NOT, I repeat, NOT a spoiler!)


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