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Why Buppies is By Far The Best of the Web Soaps Currently Airing New Episodes

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Okay y'all. I am having flashbacks to when my beloved Imaginary Bitches premiered.BeforeIB, I never thought a TV addict like me could be satisfied with bite size webisodes. While some of the the web projects that followed IB's run, have definitely been entertaining (WORKSHOP, Then We Got Help!), none have quite made me want to shout, testify and come down with the Holy Ghost after seeing the finished product like I did with each eppy of IB, until Buppies.

Creator Julian Breece and producer Aaliyah Wiliams, along with Tatyana Ali and her sister Anastasia, are showing us how it's done, do y'all hear me? And they did their soap on a shoe string budget too— so don't get it twisted— but budget aside, Breece, Williams and Co. show (not tell) in each episode of Buppies that it's all about the story.

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With such precious, little time in a webisode, you don't have room for endless, pointless bouts of exposition, awkward dialogue and cheesy, longing looks set to loud pop music, all of which were the staple of 80's-era soap operas. My advice to anyone out there wanting to do their own web soap right— watch Buppies.

Today's installment deals with the aftermath of Quinci (Ali) putting the wet and wild beat down on a trick at her ghetto fab birthday bash, and revealed a little bit more into Eliot (Preston Davis) and Truth's (Damien Wigfall) scandalous past. Be sure to check out the look on Kourtney's (Chante Frierson) face when she meets Shaka's (Ernest Waddell) girlfriend. Priceless!

Buppies is by far the best of the current crop of web soaps putting out new episodes. Want more episodes of Buppies? Would you like the installments to be longer? Think the show should go to primetime? Tell BET how you feel! I know I am.