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Catherine and Richard Connect in Gotham #3

Gotham the Series aired its third installment last night and there were improvements right from the start. The music in the opening sequence was moody, and there were snippets of the two previous episodes. After a little nudge from Anne Sayre's Tina at the beginning, it was all Martha Byrne and Michael Park.


The short episodes make for slow moving action. It was 45 seconds before anything happened and it was all over in little more than three minutes. It's enough to keep me engaged in the conversation, but certainly not long enough to feel as connected as Catherine and Richard do. I need more! Byrne and Park do have great chemistry however, and it is clear that they have a great off-screen friendship as it comes across in their scenes. As always, I have problems adjusting to the shaky camera.  What do you think of the web series? Catch the latest episode after the jump.

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