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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I loved, loved, loved this episode.  I find it interesting that my two favorite episodes this year (Thanksgiving and this one) contained no Sonny or Jason.  Coincidence?  I don't think so!!

I loved everything Scrubs. From the play fighting about the tree, to the cuddling and canoodling on the couch, to the brief Emma sighting at the end, trying to take that toy out of her stocking. I hated the inclusion, again, of Lisa. Matt was one thing, as Patrick's brother with nowhere else to go, but Lisa honing in on another family celebration is beyond annoying.

Spixie:  I thought they did a bang up job.  I liked that he firmly informed her that he wasn't going to have random sex, to appease her guilt.  I thought Mac showing up and being upset that she was upset was well done, as were the Georgie's death and Felicia mentions. 

Line #1 of the day:

Spinelli to Maxie: "You don't get to be unfaithful to me and then dictate how I react to it."

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I loved the Davis family Christmas and was glad to see Sam join them. I loved that Diane was also with them and that Max was allowed to join them.  I love the absolute look of joy on Molly's face whenever she sees Mac and the sweet way they got them both under the mistletoe. 

Funny line of the day:

Mac: "Interesting guest list"

Diane: "He means you"

Max: "I'm aware of that"

I loved all the CarJax moments, to the silly way Carly had to get Morgan to tell her where the present was, to Carly crazily falling off the house to that giant "newborn" Josslyn, to the family shot of the kids.  I'm not sure when they had time to take that shot, considering all of Michael's problems lately, but I can easily put reality aside for one day, for a sweet moment.

Loved Ethan trying to get Luke to go to the Spencer Christmas.  Loved that Tracy went and was nice to Lucky.  And I abslutely loved the Lucky/Luke scene.  As much as I was a fan of GV's Lucky, I just don't think he could have pulled off that scene.  While I often find JJ to be too emotional in his scenes, he had just the right amount here. 

Second line of the day:

Lucky to Luke: "I'm not expecting a big miracle, just a small one.  Just my dad.  With me.  On Christmas day.  That would really make me happy."