Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Neil: He's not thrilled baby brother Malcolm's back and wants him to leave Genoa City.

Katherine: She readies herself for a meeting with her daughter.

Billy/Mac: The ex loves are brought closer when baby Delia has a medical emergency.

Chance: He starts to snoop around about the man who stabbed him.

Billy: He gets a visit from "John," who shows him a glimpse of what his life will look like if he doesn't grow up. Afterwards, Billy makes a New Year's resolution vowing to do positive things.

Ryder/Daisy: The siblings divulge everything.

Nick: He's stunned when he finds out about Sharon's marriage to Adam (hell I am too!).

JT/Victoria: The two make a choice regarding their marriage.

Jack: He stuns Emily with his suggestion.

Adam/Sharon: Their honeymoon doesn't go well.