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One Life to Live Spoilers

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Welcome to a New Year's edition of my One Life to Live spoilers. Be sure to remember that it's a short week in Llanview with the show only airing three days live. So sit back and enjoy all the juicy spoilers for the week of December 28th.


Gigi/Schuyler/Noelle: Noelle and Gigi have a talk about Schuyler. Gigi finally admits she wants to be with Schuyler and decides to do something about it. She invites him to spend New Year's Eve night with her. Schuyler obliges and they spend the night giving into their passion for one another. Will Gigi and Schuyler give a relationship a try?

Kyle/Fish/Nick: Fish believes that Nick is trying to cause relationship problems for him and Kyle. However, when Fish informs Kyle of his suspicions about Nick, Kyle doesn't believe him. The couple begins to argue, but Fish gets called away. Fish leaves and Nick goes in for the kill. He plants a kiss on Kyle thinking it will make him forget all about Fish. Nick is sadly mistaken and Kyle lets him know what man is in his heart. Kyle runs off to find Fish and apologizes for not believing him earlier. The two patch things up and ring in the New Year making love. Will being intimate change Kyle and Fish's relationship?

Bo/Nora/Clint/Dorian: Against their better judgment, Bo and Nora close Mitch's stabbing case. They know Natalie and John are hiding something, but they let it slide for now. The two go to the Mayor's Ball together and are surprised to see that Kim is Clint's date. However, that's not the only surprise in store for Bo and Nora at the Mayor's Ball. News of their affair spreads like wildfire at the event and to top it all off, Dorian fires Bo as Police Commissioner. Later on, Bo and Nora think about how quickly their lives went South. Can Bo and Nora's love really conquer all?

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Mitch/Stacy/Rex: Stacy visits Mitch and informs him she will not give him her baby in return for a relationship with Rex. Mitch is not happy with Stacy's decision in the least bit and lets her know it. Soon after, Rex gets wind that Stacy had a talk with Mitch and is not pleased. He has words with his father and tells him to stay away from his family. What will be Mitch's next move be in his plan to get Stacy's child?

Markko/Langston/Ford: Langston can't seem to get the image of Ford pouring water all over his shirtless body out of her mind. The image is sure to never go away when Ford returns to town for good this week as Markko's film professor. Naturally, Markko isn't pleased by Ford being back in town. How long will it be before Langston and Ford get close?

Matthew/Destiny: Destiny finally gets the courage to tell Matthew how she feels about him. Unfortunately for her, Matthew doesn't return her feelings. He lets her down easy, but Destiny is still upset. After a talk with her big brother Shaun, Destiny decides having Matthew as her friend is better than not having him at all. Will Destiny really give up on Matthew this easy?

Todd/Tea/Blair/Danielle: Todd and Blair have a talk and he admits that he is still in love with Tea. Blair bites her tongue and urges Todd to make up with Tea. Todd takes Blair's words to heart and begins to look for Tea. On the other side of town, Tea is having a talk with Nora. Nora hints to Tea that Danielle might be pushing her away due to her link to Todd. Later on, things with Danielle get out of control. In an attempt to get revenge for Ross' death, Danielle steals Bo's gun and aims it at Todd. Somehow, Todd and Blair manage to get through to Danielle and she puts the gun down. Tea finds out what Danielle did to Todd and has a talk with her daughter. During the talk, Tea promises Danielle she will stay away from Todd. Will Tea be able to keep her distance from Todd?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (January 4th):

  • Things heat up between Todd and Tea
  • Dorian sets up Bo
  • Dorian brings in Bo's replacement
  • Elijah and Blair get close
  • Charlie confesses to Viki
  • Matthew and Danielle kiss
  • Gigi makes a decision