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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Brooke: She has a showdown with ex-hubby Whip about why he's keeping mum on being related to Sandy. Later, she tells all to Katie about the new line. She admits the new collection was to bomb.

Bill: He has a confrontation with the Forresters and issues a stern warning. Dollar Bill then puts his wife to the test when he asks her where he loyalties lie, causing the newlyweds to have their first fight and Katie to head to her sisters. She blames the Logan girls for the drama she's facing.

Steffy: She heads to the Spencers and tells him how she feels about him (who cares?).

The Logans: The family must face another misfortune.

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Sandy: She is overcome with bad feelings towards the unfavorable direction her case has headed into. Sandy gets a thank you from Lt. Baker on her pointing out the bad cracks the justice system has. She swears to herself she will get her attacker and give hm her own brand of justice.