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Looks like Eliot Isn't the Only One With a Secret on Buppies!

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Just when it looked like things couldn't get any more complicated for Quinci (Tatyana Ali) and her pals... In today's episode of's groundbreaking web sudser Buppies, it's Q's seemingly-perfect bestie Priscilla (Robin Thede), not Prissy's bisexual boyfriend Eliot (Preston Davis) who reveals a shocking secret! I don't wanna ruin it for ya, but Thede's well-developed, comedic muscles are definitely on display as she deals with the, um, "symptoms" of her predicament.

Meanwhile, corporate lawyer/wannabe rapper Shaka (Ernest Waddell) is dealing with a bit of a problem of his own, as ghetto fabulous Kourtney (Chante Frierson) begins grilling his full-figured, white galpal.  Ruh roh! While this episode of Buppies isn't as action-packed as the last two (Hey, they all can't have swimming pool catfights and gay liplocks), this entertaining installment smartly sets up two, new story arcs for the second half of the season. Can't wait till next week!

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