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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I'm loving everything Lante. Loved that they got all dolled up and went out somewhere nice (somewhere other than Jake’s, or the Metro Court restaurant). Loved that she came to appreciate the opera and what he was trying to show her. Loved that she managed to get his shirt almost completely off (rowr!!), although I was glad they were interrupted because I think they’re first time shouldn’t be in the back of a limo. Too bad we didn’t get to see them actually at the opera, enjoying it, rather than the after effects in the limo, but what I saw, I liked.

I don’t really have a problem with JJ’s Lucky, but I am getting tired of him being everywhere, all the time, giving everyone and their uncle a speech about something. He just happens to be driving by when Micheal gets stopped, so he stops and even though Micheal is clearly drinking and driving, all he does is gives some long winded diatribe about the similarities of their fathers and then drives Mickey home to Mom and Dad. Well, that’ll teach him. I did like the mention of BJ dying at the hands of a drunk driver and Jason being who he is because of one, but I just felt Michael got no punishment, other than Sonny taking the car keys away for probably two minutes.

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I didn’t think I could hate Olivia any more than I already did, but I have been proven wrong. Granted, the set up of Lisa (of all people) stumbling into Sonny’s restaurant and basically insisting he feed her, was a bit much. But then Olivia shows up to meet Johnny (why there and not the garage, where he works??) and then gets all jealous of her long ago ex, while waiting for her current lover so decides to get all snarky with both Sonny and Lisa, whom she doesn’t know, and then throws water on Sonny. And when Johnny proceeds to tell her that he knows his sister died and some weirdo is playing games with her dead body, she’s all, ‘hey let’s go back to my place so I can take care of you’. Whatever. Johnny deserves better.

Loved the Davis scenes over the past few episodes. With them still trying to hook up Mac and Alexis. To Alexis sitting her younger two down for the ‘no drinking and driving’ lecture. Well played on everyone’s part.

Oh no, Sam is in danger. Will she be saved?! <insert sarcasm here>