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LIVE BLOGGING: Kish SEX Today on One Life to Live!

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Hey Y'all! I hope everyone is ready for a fantastic back breaking episode of One Life to Live!! That's right y'all, Kish FINALLY does the deed today! Drop me a line in the comments and let me know how you feel!


Ohhhhh SNAP!! We're starting off with Danie pulling a Gun on Tod! She so much like Todd it's scary!

Florencia Lozano looks HOT LIKE FIRE in her gown for the Mayor's Ball! Loves it.

Gots to love Robin Strasser in her Diva Gown.

Destiny is telling Matthew she loves him. That poor child couldn't see that Matthew is just NOT that into her. Bless her heart.

That Ford boy who is talkin to Langston is kinda Hot! How long is it gonna be before Ford is breaking Langston's back????

Nick is trying to put the moves on Kyle and gets Shut Down!

Ok I admit it. I like Gigi and Schuyler. They are Hot!

Blair just came outta no where. Shoot Dani! Shoot!

Oh Lawd! Blair is about to tell that girl the truth. I wanted it to be Todd! Why does Blair always have to spill the good about everybody??

The Fallout from Bo and Nora being put on Front Street is juicy.

Markko go sit down somewhere! Langston told me to tell you she wants a Man not a boy!

Destiny that's some pretty earrings you have on. I mean that. Ohh, that poor baby is about to get her heart stomped on.

Nick is just a snake in the grass. Just slithering all over place!

Tell him Kyle!

Come Fish. Keep remembering about Stacy!

Shaun wastes drink on Stacy again! I LOVE how Shaun told Stacy to calm her attitude down because she's in a bar..."You are fixin to get slapped!" I LOVE IT!

Uh Oh! Gigi and Schuyler fixing to get Freaky Sneaky!

Waaaa Waa Waaaa is all I hear from Nick! "I had an awesome boyfriend who never loved me in the first place. I'm just not loveable". However, I do have to say Nick Rodriguez is putting in a good performance.

Wait a doggone minute here. Why are they both crying??? I wanted this to be a big soapy fight with somebody getting kicked out. Oh well, it was still good though. It was handled in the mature way.

This Gigi/Schuyler sex scene is hotter than anything she and Rex have done since last year.

Makko just give it up baby. You can't break Langston's back like that MAN Ford can. He gone have her on top of the desk....

Awww Matthew is such a sweetie. He let her down easy.

Come on Dani! Shoot! Blair is calming her down. Kelly Missal is so good in this scene. She's a great young actress!

Back at the Mayor's Ball now. Dorian is done showin gout and firing Bo.

I just want to know who put Hillary B. Smith in that dress and told her she looked good in it?? Help Me Lord!

Todd tells Tea he needs her! Be still my Todd and Tea heart! Of course it's about Dani but I'll take what I can get.

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Lookie Here! Destiny got some fire in her now that Matthew turned her down. "You're just like you sisiter! This is just like Rachel/Greg/Shaun. You pretended to like me until someone prettier and skinner came along." Damn,that's cold. Of course, after she tells Matthew what she has to tell him she runs off like a punk. I'm tried of that girl running.

Gigi and Schuyler are ROLLING by the fireplace. HOT! HOT! HOT!

Clint and Kim confront  Bo about what just happened.

Damn Tea must move like Ligtening because she's already at La Boulabaise! I'm loving this Tea and Danielle scene! Tea really does love her baby and her baby loves her. Come on y'all, make up. Now Tea, you STOP that lying about things being over between you and Todd.

We're 30 minutes in and No Kish Sex. Hopefully, we'll get more than one scene.

Don't believe Tea, Dani. Just don't do it. Obviously she hasn't read the spoilers.

Langston's nose is wide open for Ford. She's just as perky as she can be.

I think Markko has everthing to worry about.

LOL at girls looking at Ford like he's someboy from a Coke Commercial.

"Nora, that high horse you were trying to mount just bucked you off"- Dorian to Nora. LINE OF THE DAY!! I love you Dorian.

The press is hounding Nora about her affair with Bo. I wish somebody would give Nora her claws back.

Kyle finds Fish at Ultra Violet. An apology from Kyle to Fish. "You're it for me. You're the one"- Kyle to Fish. My heart just melted again. Kyle takes Fish somewhere they can be alone, but I'm sure after a while it won't be quiet.....

Stacy is trying to woo Rex for the 1543837630th time. I'm OVER this!

Gigi and Schuyler are done. Apparently, it was amazing. Schuyler tells Gigi he loves her and it's the happiest night of his life. Gigi looks scared out her mind.

Todd and Blair are talking. Side Note: I love me some Blair Cramer, for y'all in the comments. Blair tells Todd that he needs to go find Tea and be with her. I agree Blair.

Eli just showed up at Tea's door. He returned Bo's gun. Is it just me or is Eli trying to add some Latina Spice to his life?!?! i ain't mad at cha.

Bo and Nora are drinking and sulking about their once again.  Nora's trying to leave and Bo is NOT having it. He fixing to get him some Nora tonight y'all.

Dorian calls Mitch and tells him she fired Bo.

Kyle, Fish, and champagne. Kyle and Fish are nervous and it's so cute.

Destiny fills Shaun in on what happened with Matthew. I wish she would stop crying all the time. This is a soap and you want a man that doesn't want you back. You know what that means. You MAKE him love you.

Awwwwww Sookie Sookie now. Kyle and Fish getting all sexy. Kyle lovingly kisses Fish's forehead and they begin to passionately kiss. Kyle unbuttons Fish's top. This is all sooooooo romantic but super HOT! I might need a cold shower after this. They make their way to the bed and get lost into one another. Nicely done, OLTL!

It's about to be New Year's in Llanview! Ford looks at Langston with all kinds of intentions.....

Kish are basking in the glow of their love.  Fish gently holds Kyle as the ring in the New Year.

Clint just went in for the kill with Kim. Big Smooch from them.

Bo and Nora do the same.

Rex I SWEAR if you kiss Stacy, you're dumber than I thought and that's BAD!

Tea is laying on her baby and they ring in the New Year. I like how OLTL put in stock footage of fireworks while everyone goes outside to look.

Blair leans on Todd and they watch the fireworks together as we end the last episode of One Live to Live in 2009! Blair and Todd are cute too but Todd and Tea are THE BUSINESS!!

Well, that's it folks. Thanks for joining me. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.