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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Patty/Emily: The doctor and Smilin' Jack set Valentine's Day as the date for them to walk down the aisle. Patty gets a visit from Emily where the mentally unbalanced Williams sister tells Dr. P, she's the one and only person she has faith in. Emily makes the decision to distance herself from Patty and refer her to another doctor since she's marrying the object of Patty's obsession, Jack.

Unfortunately for Dr. Emily, Patty finds out about her nuptials to Jack on Restless Style's web site. Needless to say, Patty's not going to send the couple a wedding present, she has a total meltdown and feels extremely hurt and betrayed. She never thought once the one person she came to rely on would marry "her man." Later, Emily stops by to see Patty clueless on her patient knowing about her engagement. She fills Patty in on stopping the two from seeing each other and referring her to another doctor. Patty pretends to understand and doesn't clue Emily in on what she knows. She then asks Emily to stay on as her shrink.

Tucker/Jill: They make a business offer to Cane.

Billy: He has an opportunity for Malcolm.

Katherine: The Genoa City dame gears herself up to meet her long lost daughter.

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Chance: His new case gets him into trouble. His fellow lawman Sid doesn't take his statement for the night he was stabbed at Crimson Lights. Chance speaks with the EMT who took Riggs the stabber to the hospital The EMT says he doesn't know anything, Chance asks him why a cop wasn't in the ambulance as well but the EMT doesn't know either. He then tells Chance he doesn't remember if the perp was handcuffed also.

Later Chance gets a text message from Riggs insisting he needs to see him because he's in trouble. As Chance's getting ready to meet up with him, Chloe finds out about the message and implores her beau not to see the guy but he insists he has to. Chloe follows the unknowing Chance to the meeting place. When Chance meets up with Riggs, he doesn't spot him, only hears that he's close by. He sees Riggs has been roughed up on the ground and calls for some assistance when the lights are turned off and he's knocked out.

Noah/Eden: A fire endangers the lovebirds.

Ryder/Daisy: The brother and sister duo divulge some truths and tales that will tear up Genoa City.

Victoria: She racks her brain along with Billy about New Year's Eve (oh hells no!).

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