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Kelly Ripa Says "Hard Going Back" To AMC

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Kelly Ripa
spoke with TV Guide Magazine about her upcoming stint back at fomer stomping ground All My Children.

How did it feel to go back to the set?

It was hard to go back because I knew that once I did I wouldn’t want to leave. And I remembered everything, which is more than I can say for the people at AMC! The crew from Live With Regis and Kelly came over to the soap with me to shoot a segment and they wanted me go to my old dressing room and have the actress who’s using the room now answer the door. [AMC director] Enza Dolce was there to be our production coordinator. So I walk down the hall to my old dressing room and stop at the door and Enza says “Where are you going, Kelly? You’re going to the wrong room.” I said, “No, honey, you’re standing outside the wrong dressing room.” She says “No, this is your dressing room.” I said, “Don’t tell me! I lived in my dressing room for 12 years and *this is my dressing room!” I was like, “Let me give you the tour. Eileen Herlie [Myrtle] was in that room over there, Jennifer Bassey [Marian] was here, Ruth Warrick [Phoebe] was here, Michael Nader [Dimitri] was there, Jimmy Mitchell [Palmer] was there.” I named every person in a row, and then they were mortified. So no matter how important and pivotal I try to make myself out to be on AMC, really nobody remembers me ever having been there.

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Ripa gives a little taste of what's to come on the special edition of the show.

So no complaints? That’s not the Rip-ster we all remember!

Trust me, there was no time for complaints. The writers wanted to add some controversy so they have Hayley getting into an argument with Erica Kane. Erica thinks that maybe Hayley is disapproving of her relationship with Ryan [Cameron Mathison] and that she’s going to get all scandalous and gossipy and tabloidy with her documentary. When we were running through the scene, Susan Lucci and I are looking at each other, like, where the hell is this coming from? Neither of us could remember our characters ever having a fight with each other. I was afraid to say anything but, thank God, Susan stops everything on the set—because she’s Susan Lucci and she can do that sort of thing—and she says “This is so combative. I don’t remember these two women ever having a problem. This seems totally out of nowhere.” And the producers are like, “C’mon, c’mon, ladies, just say the lines, please! We got boxes to pack!” [Laughs]

Sounds like UpChuck Pratt strikes again, tell it Kelly!

Photo by PR Photos.