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Frontiers-In LA Magazine Names Crystal Chappell Soap Newsmaker of the Year

Frontiers-In LA Magazine in conjunction with On Air On Soaps'Michael Fairman, has named Days of Our Lives star, Crystal Chappellits Soap Newsmaker of the Year. One of the hardest working actors in soaps, Chappell talks with Fairman on what's to come on her web series Venice.


Going into the New Year for Gina on Venice, what can web fans look forward to?

Crystal Chappell: Gina will meet somebody new… Kit Tracy played by Lesli Kay.  She is from London and it’s somebody Gina had met before and she takes a shine to her.  Then there is Ani, who has met somebody, Lara.  But the two of them are still connected, and still coming together and trying to figure out what their relationship is.  They have not completely broken things off.  Also, you will meet Gina’s father.  In the New Year that is what you will be seeing; the reason why Gina has the enormous intimacy issues that she has, and the reason she can’t be with Ani.  The part is played brilliantly by Jordan Clarke. Season one should play out through mid- February, and hopefully, when we shoot season two, we can get it out sometime in mid- March.

Chappell also gives readers some info on what will happen with her alter ego Carly on DAYS this year.

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What can we look forward to from Carly in 2010?

There is so much that happens in 2010.  And that is one of the things I love about this show. You have to watch or you are going to miss it.  Eventually, she does get reconnected to a few people… the father of her daughter, and she gets closer to Bo and that takes an interesting turn, and Vivian is still trying to kill her!