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One Life to Live Spoilers

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A very happy 2010 to everyone out there. Let's start the year off right with some One Life to Live spoilers. A confession, an almost kidnapping, and a tearful goodbye spice things up in Llanview this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of January 4th.


Viki/Charlie/Brody: Brody finds Charlie stone drunk and tells him he won't keep lying for him. Charlie takes Brody's words to heart and decides to tell Viki the truth. Charlie confesses to Viki that he's drinking again and can't stop. Viki vows to stand by Charlie no matter what. When Charlie starts craving a drink, Viki takes him to Jared's grave to grieve. The couple finds Natalie there almost falling apart over her husband's death. Charlie and Natalie mourn Jared together at his grave.

Kyle/Fish: Kyle and Fish enjoy being in love.

Cris/Layla/Ford: Ford flirts with Layla until Cris butts in the conversation. Cris lets Ford know Layla is his girl. Ford quickly apologizes and makes friends with Cris. After Ford leaves, Cris and Layla realize they are in a committed relationship.

Dorian/Bo/John/Natalie: Mitch tells Dorian she's not quite through with Bo. He gives Dorian the letter opener used in his stabbing and tells her to accuse Bo of tampering with evidence. Dorian completes Mitch's demands but the plan goes awry when Natalie confesses to stabbing Mitch. However, John is right there to take the blame for everything. Things start to get out of hand and to keep the peace, Bo steps down as police commissioner.

Later on, Dorian finishes Mitch's last task for her when she appoints former shamed Mayor Stanley Lowell as Police Commissioner. However, when Dorian's girls get word of this, they all move out of La Boulaie. Blair, Starr, Hope, Addie, Langston, Jack, and Sam all seek refuge at Todd's house. Soon after, Mel pays Dorian a visit and warns her that things will only get worse from here. Just how bad will things get for Dorian and her girls?

Blair/Elijah: After joking about having a fling, the two actually have a tawdry hook up. Will they continue their affair?

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Stacy/Mitch: Mitch is livid that Stacy refused his deal and plots to have her kidnapped by himself and Nurse Charles. As Stacy is being grabbed, Rex shows up in the nick of time to save her. He once again threatens Mitch about messing with his family. How long will it be before Mitch strikes again?

Gigi/Schuyler/Rex: Gigi and Schuyler bask in the afterglow of the morning after until Shane shows up, startling the couple. Shane is furious by the sight of his mother with another man and blames her of tearing their family apart to be with Schuyler. Gigi tells Shane that isn't the case and manages to calm him down. Shane leaves and Gigi tells Schuyler she will not let Shane dictate her life.

A little later Rex shows up and Gigi confesses she spent the night with Schuyler. She also informs him that she has decided to be with Schuyler, leaving Rex absolutely heartbroken. After his talk with Gigi, Rex pays Elijah a visit inquiring about suing Gigi for full custody of Shane. Elijah advises Rex not to sue Gigi. After rescuing Stacy from Mitch, Rex has another talk with Gigi. She knows he spoke to Elijah about custody of Shane. They eventually decide that Gigi will move back into the carriage house with Shane, but Schuyler cannot under any circumstances stay the night when Shane is there. Will Rex be able to handle seeing Gigi and Schuyler together?

Matthew/Danielle: The two share their first kiss together.

Todd/Tea: Todd and Tea have a heart to heart. Tea admits that she still loves Todd, but can't see him for Danielle's well being. She also informs Todd that she and Danielle are leaving town. Todd understands her reasoning, but confesses to Tea that he still loves her too. The passion between the two proves to be too strong and they embrace in a kiss which leads to the bedroom. After making love, Todd and Tea wish for the day they can come together with their daughter and be a family. The pair have a painful goodbye as Tea walks out of Todd's life.

Later on, Todd shares with Blair that he fears he will never get to know his daughter. He also thinks about Tea. When Danielle and Tea arrive in Tahiti, Tea can't stop thinking about Todd Will Todd and Tea be able to overcome this bump in the road and reunite?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (January 11th):

  • David and Kim have it out
  • Kyle learns something shocking about Stacy
  • Danielle sees a ghost
  • Dorian comes up with a plan to take down Mitch
  • Langston gets another good look at Ford
  • Clints pushes Nora's buttons
  • Viki fears for Charlie's well being