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A Secret Gets Blurted Out on This Week's Buppies!

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Another week, another on point episode of's smash hit web series Buppies! On this week's installment, one half a couple comes clean about a shocking secret he or she has been keeping. 

Is it secretly-bisexual, sports agent Eliot (Preston Davis) or his girl, knocked up, bourgie, princess Prissy (Robin Thede) who tells the truth and shames the devil? You'll have to watch to find out!  Meanwhile, rapper/corporate lawyer Shaka (Ernest Waddell) attempts to explain his love life to Black Hollywood heiress Kourtney (Chante Frierson), who is all up in his business and don't know the flava! After you've watched the episode, and re-watched it, and re-watched it one more time,  head on over to to tell them what you think about Buppies!

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