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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I don't like this Lucky/Jason collaboration.  The history between these two characters for the past seven years or so, does not lend itself for friendship between them.  Just because they brought Jonathan Jackson's Lucky back does not mean they can erase the antagonistic history that I've been watching, especially considering the Elizabeth factor. 

Having said that, how stupid is the mayor that he all but convicts Jason of a crime that he wasn't even arrested for.  And is the mayor one to talk, considering his infidelities, his wife's murder spree and the fact that he attended the local mob boss' party for the now dead Claudia.

Speaking of Claudia, I feel so badly for Johnny.  Brandon Barash is playing this well, with the angst and the anxiety.  JOlivia, however, has become icky, with her treating him more like a child than a lover. 

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Love Lulu and the Lulu/Dante dynamic, but I don't understand why she thought Ronnie would tell her anything about Franco.  Does Ronnie even know that she knows the truth about him and Dante?

How exactly did Franco get Carly to go with him?  Carly's a big girl, I'm sure she could take him on.  And really, kidnapping is so second nature to her by now, she should have an emergency procedure to follow when one happens.  What is this?  The eight kidnapping she's been party to?

So Franco had time to set up a whole clear, plastic box equipped with microphone, for Sam.  He's been a busy psychopath.  I did laugh when he turned the mic off as she was talking to him.  My bad!

Oh hello, local crime boss.  Why don't you wait at the police officer's desk, where all the confidential files just happen to be sitting out in the open.  Really now.  Why does Sonny need a source in the PCPD if he's allowed to waltz right in and have a snoop.  Ah, to the beginning of a new year.