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Jillian's B&B Spoilers


Steffy: She gets pissed upon learning Hope's interning at Forrester.

Ridge: He finds out from his mom Taylor has a new man in her orbit.

Hope: She tries to extend an olive branch to Steffy by attempting to show her stepsister that she's not gunning for her job at FC.

Katie: Mrs. Spencer spies a moment involving Dollar Bill and Steffy and isn't happy. She decides to pay Steffy back by creating a new ad campaign and have everyone think its Hope's. Watch for a big showdown when Katie nixes Steffy's ideas in favoe of her niece's (get her Katie!).

Sandy: She has Nick swear he won't fill Bridget in on her assault. Later, Sandy tells Whip about his role in the attack.

A new war within the family gets a bit nastier.

2010 Spoilers

Bill/Katie: Dollar Bill loves his wife however, the temptation of Katie still looms. Bill assumes he has the situation with Steffy under control but he may have underestimated her. Will Bill be able to fight off the temptation she throws his way?

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Steffy: She's going to embody her grandma when it comes to getting what she wants (snickers). Watch for her to use her looks and sexuality to that end. Steffy hates the Logans and wants her family's company back by any means.

Hope: She's a nice girl however, she's a living memory of what her mother did with Bridget's husband. Hope has some of Deacon's traits and is very secure in herself. Her enemies will constantly throw in her face she's not a Forrester and is a bit of a scandal to them.

Owen/Jackie: Look for the Knights to face serious problems

Jackie M: The fashion house is going to have some serious challenges.

Forrester Creations: The gang had their tails handed to them by Bill when he took the company by his dirty dealings. Now they want to turn the tables on him.

Ridge/Brooke/Eric/Donna: Their respective happiness is not going to last, due to Katie running the company. Drama will go down and Stephanie will mix it up with them.

Sandy/Agnes: She lied about everything on her profile to become Nick and Bridget's surrogate except her rape. Is this person good or bad?

Whip/Taylor: Their relationship is going to be a very interesting one to watch play out.

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