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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I absolutely love the real feel to CarJax fights.  It just seems to be so much better written then other stuff and both actors bring it in spades.  And this is coming from someone who was never a Carly fan until Laura Wrightshowed up and isn't really a Jax fan, although I'll take him over Sonny and Jason any day and twice on Sundays.  I liked that Carly will defend Jason, no matter how illogical I think it is.  And I liked that Jax was giving my point of view, that Franco exists because of Jason.  Well done.  Kudos to the writers and to both Laura and Ingo Rademacher for that scene.

Still hating the Lucky/Jason BFF-ness.  One minute Lucky is all, "let's tell so we can use FBI resources to find Sam", but the next second he's all, "nah, Sam wouldn't want to be found that way".  At this point, I'm guessing Sam won't give a crap who saves her as long as someone does.  And really, I put Lulu's abduction squarely on Lucky's shoulders, since if he had followed police procedure, maybe Franco would have been caught before he had time to get to Crimson.  Although I do wonder how Franco will get Lulu out of the Metro Court building without anyone noticing.

Hated Lulu telling Maxie that Lucky and Jason have always had this respect thing.  I was glad Maxie was the voice of the viewers (at least this one) as she was all, "since when".  Maybe original recipe Jucky was all, 'let's paint our toenails and eat bonbons', but GV's Lucky and Jason 'relationship' certainly wasn't.  Why couldn't this show have brought Jonathan Jackson back and not messed up what I saw for years on screen? 

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Speaking of Lucky, please tell me that he actually heard the horrible Niz conversation and it won't be a case of, someone not hearing when they're mere inches away.  I really want the Niz to stop.  Although at this point, it certainly looks like Elizabeth wants it over and Nik's going to start boiling her bunny.

Maxie wins the dumb award for today.  Why go to Franco's studio, and thereby possibly get grabbed by him, knowing that he's already taken Sam.  Lucky for her she ran into Dante instead. 

I wondered about the whole, Sonny telling Dante about Lulu's history and how fragile she is, until Franco grabbed her.  Hopefully it's Dante and not Saint Jason who rescues her.