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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I feel like I’m always saying sorry for my absence but I’ve had tons going on… after the jump I’ll dish on that dirt, it’s only fair and long past due. But really you all have been missing the GH dirt so let’s handle the business at hand, ok?

I have to agree with our girl Perkie. I love me some JJ but come on! Greg Vaughan was here and so was Jacob Young and their versions of Lucky Spencer were not in love with Jason Morgan. In fact, until JJ returned, Lucky and Jason were definitely at odds. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I simply don’t downshift that fast at least not without some explanation. Hello writers, you’re writers, write a line to explain Lucky and Jason’s newfound love affair, ok? Simple solution. Is this all leading to Lucky leaving the force? What’s with his complete disregard for all things PCPD and procedure?


On the personal side of things for Lucky he’ll confront his brother about Elizabeth and his feelings for her. Elizabeth stops Nikolas from jetting away claiming that she loves both he and Lucky but as far as Lucky knows it’s only Nikolas who loves Elizabeth. The Cassadine Prince begs Elizabeth to tell Lucky about their affair but she refuses. Will the truth push Lucky back to his addictions? RUMORS have him on a drunken bender and Elizabeth MAY give Nikolas the old college try. Will it stick when they go public? It looks like Lucky’s demons COULD have her going back to her roots. The SPOILERS have the reveal to be a real doozy. Apparently, despite Elizabeth’s success in getting Nikolas to deplane, Lulu convinces her brother its best that he takes that mini-vacay he originally planned. She also convinces Lucky that although he’s pissed at Nik, he should at least bid his brother farewell and when he goes to do just that he gets a little more than he bargained for. Let’s just say, you’d go drink too.

Since Lulu is in Franco’s clutches and his stay in Port Chuck is over soon, the above GOSSIP tells you that Lulu is rescued from the psycho artist. Also, some SPOILER pics floating around show Jason (of course) rescuing Sam and RUMORS say Dante is in the mix. I would ASSUME Dante rescues his lady love.

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Speaking of Dante and Lulu… I simply love them together. Things MAY get a little testy for the love birds though when Dante pushes Lulu away in preparation for the bust on Sonny. He’s pretty sure Sonny knocked off Claudia and is ready to make his move but wants Lulu out of harm’s way.

Scrubs Stuff… Patrick’s ex-flame wasn’t brought on to play nice. She MAY even mess with Robin’s HIV meds. This is a nugget out there about Robin taking Emma to visit Grandma Anna and while she’s away Lisa just may make her move will a fall. Yeah, I saw one of those fake falls on The Bachelor the other night.

RANDOM RUMORS… Does Ronnie know Franco? Franco has been studying Jason for a long time, what else does he know? Remember Maxie saw blood on Sonny’s shirt the night Claudia died. Can Jason convince her to keep that to herself? Didn’t she already let it slip? Kristina is ticked off at dear old dad so she decides to sleep with Kiefer. Alexis thinks Kiefer is the better option over Ethan. Will someone finally clue her in on her daughter’s bad news boyfriend? Can Dante help Lulu pick Lucky up and dust him off? Michael knows that Dante is a cop. Could we finally get that Sam’s birthfather storyline? Another Jason and Sonny fight? RUMOR has it someone will be in handcuffs for Claudia’s murder.

The DIRT on me… Long overdue, I know and I apologize. Some of it is very personal and I just never knew when the time was right. As some of you may have already realized I have had some health issues this past year. Back in April of 2009 I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer (a type of Uterine Cancer). At the time, they thought it was caught very early so they started me on some drug therapies to preserve my fertility (I’m 33 with no children) but unfortunately they did not work as the cancer was more progressed than they originally thought. So in July, I had a complete hysterectomy to prevent any recurrence. I had some radiation treatments in September and my first screening for cancer cells was after Thanksgiving. I got a clean bill in December which was a huge relief. I’ll continue getting screenings every three months and my doctors see no reason that they won’t all come back just fine. Despite not knowing exactly what was going on, you were all really great so I want to THANK YOU all very much. I especially want to thank Luke, Jamey and the ENTIRE DC Crew who had my back during this entire ordeal. I cannot thank them enough, especially Luke, who has been an amazing friend. He remembered every doctor’s appointment and checked in on me all the time with phone calls, texts and emails. So that’s the skinny and most importantly, I’m fine and cancer free. I'm still trying to get back in the swing of things so please hang in there with me. I will be posting when I can. Happy 2010!