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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I was happy to see CarJax eventually overrule Sonny and decide to take the kids away from the danger.  I couldn't believe Sonny actually said, "trust my judgement as a father".  I mean, seriously?  There is no worst father on this show (except maybe Nikolas!)

I call baloney on Lucky walking away from the door once he'd heard what Nikolas said.  Anyone, no matter who you are, once they've heard their brother say he's in love with their fiance, will stick around to hear the rest of the conversation.  No one in their right mind would think, "yeah, I don't care what else they have to say about that" and walk away.  Eeesh!!

As a non Jason fan, the Lucky BFF, the Lulu 'respect' conversation, the Carly loves Jason more than Jax and now the Robin propping a man holding a gun on a patient has driven me around the bend.  Just once, can someone admit that Jason being a mob killer is not the greatest profession this town has seen. (bring on the Jason lovers!!)

Hated old Lisa.  Hate new Lisa.  Remind me again why we need Lisa?  And why does Patrick feel the need to tell her all of Robin's secrets and medical history. 

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As much as I hate Olivia being everywhere all the time, I do like that she was thrown into the Maxie scene.  It made sense that once Kate couldn't reach her assistants, that she contacted  her cousin, who also happens to manage the hotel. 

Love smart Dante, figuring out the plans for the bomb.  Love that he went back to Maxie for more information and that he very quickly realized Lulu's absence meant something.  Which is more than I can say for self absorbed Maxie.  Geez Maxie, your friend Sam has been kidnapped and Lulu has suddenly disappeared and you're still only concerned about your stupid pictures, which your non husband has already seen and basically forgiven you for.

I've got to give Franco credit for having the cojones to kidnap three women, set two of them up with bombs, evade the local mob hitman and two police officers and still have time to mess with Sonny's head.  Loved the little smile on his face at the end when Sonny was attempting to throw his weight around and Franco didn't seem to care.