General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Absolutely fantastic Carly/Michael scenes today.  It starts off with Micheal, being his typical snot nosed teenage self, throwing his weight around about being 18 now and no one can tell him what to do, and I so wanted Carly to smack him.  Him making the whiny comment about how everyone has to clean up his messes, which made me want to tell him, 'then stop making the freakin' messes'.  But then the more Carly was talking to him, you could see the little boy come out more and more, until he finally admitted that he has been affected by Claudia's death.  That he hasn't been sleeping because of the nightmares.  And when he broke down and cried and said, "Claudia wasn't supposed to die", my heart broke for him. 

If Drew Garrettdoesn't get an Emmy for his work as Micheal, then there's something wrong with the system.

Franco may be a crazy psychopath but he put Sonny in his place a couple of times, and that makes him ok by me.

Line of the day:

Franco to Sonny: "That's what you do.  You send your assassin into impossible situations while you hide behind your bodyguards.  You're a coward"

And why didn't Max and Milo call Jason or Dante to let them know Franco was there?  Sonny waits til after he's gone to call Jason and then says, 'take care of it'.  Well maybe he could have if he'd known Franco was there, stupid.

Elizabeth, the fire department called.  Apparently your pants are on fire.  Man, not only to pretend that it's all one sided on Nikolas' part, but then to run out to Wyndemere to warn Nikolas was almost as bad.

Stupid line of the day:

Liz to Nik: "I'm going to lie until the day I die to preserve my relationship with Lucky"

Well sure, that's the way to start a life together.

Kudos to Lulu for trying so hard to get herself out of her predicament, going so far as to try to blow herself and Franco up. 

By contrast, Maxie's constant hand wringing and self blaming is starting to get tedious.