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DC Interview: Jillian Explains the Origins of Bitchy Bangs to OLTL's Cramer Women

Get ready One Life to Live fans. The Cramer women are back this February and it’s going to be hot! ABC invited the soap press out to the OLTL studio in New York for a special event reintroducing the Cramers. On hand were: Robin Strasser (Dorian), Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Gina Tognoni (Kelly), Kristen Alderson (Starr), Laura Bonarrigo (Cassie), Brittany Underwood (Langston), and last, but certainly not least Melissa Bitchy BangsFumero (Adriana). Hilarity ensued when yours truly had to set everyone straight on the origins of Bitchy Bangs.


Daytime Confidential: Melissa, your character, Adriana went from a doormat to a love-to-hate bitch, coinciding with a new haircut for you. What did you make of the Bitchy Bangs phenomenon?

Laura Bonarrigo: I have to interject; I don't understand how any character in daytime can be called "Bitchy Bangs!" Can you explain this to me? Was this after me?

Melissa Fumero: It was so hilarious how everything happened at the same time. Basically, my contract was up and I had a little break before I came back as recurring to finish my storyline. I was there until June or whatever. So on the break, I got this feeling and all of a sudden, "I'm not under contract! I'm going to cut my hair. I'm going to cut bangs! I'm not going to ask permission!" So I did! [Laughs]

Kassie DePaiva: Spoken like a true Cramer! [Laughs]

MF: Four years and I got my moment of rebellion! [Laughs]. So I came back and everyone loved it and whatever. When I came back and I saw the script, all of a sudden Adriana was standing up for herself and being bitchy and then there was more standing up for herself and being stronger and kind of taking the reigns, and saying, "I'm not going to lose my man", and I thought, “Perfect, I got this sassy haircut and their making Adriana sassy, finally.” It was just a kind of weird coincidence that those two things happened and then I don't remember if the fans started saying "Bitchy Bangs" first…

Daytime Confidential: It was DC.

MF: Before I said it in a scene?

DC: Daytime Confidential's publisher [Luke Kerr] was joking about it on a podcast. He said, "What's up with Adriana? She's like, Bitchy Bangs!"

MF: YEAH! [Laughs]

LB: Ah...

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MF: So then it caught on, and then they wrote it in the script, and I said, "Oh my God! Are you really going to make me say this?" I thought it was funny because people had already started calling me that, but I remember the line and I had to sort of toss it away because it was very obvious. I was like, "Are you really going to make me say this? Am I really going to acknowledge this?"

Gina Tognoni: Did they make you say it?

MF: Yeah I had to say it!

DC:We loved it!

MF: I though it was fun and funny, I loved that Adriana became "Bitchy Bangs!"

DC: Cool! So, are any of you other Cramer ladies going to have some “Bitchy Bangs” or no?

KD: Robin's got some "Bitchy Bangs!" [Laughs]

GT: And the attitude![Laughs]

Robin Strasser: Blair cut her hair off.

KD: Skye! Skye cut my hair off. I cut my hair off because I didn't want to look like Marty, then Skye cut my hair off!

Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential for more of my hair-raising experiences with the Cramer women, and watch the "Bitchy Bangs" clip here.